What Do divorce attorneys do?

If you’re considering hiring a divorce attorney, then you should have a good idea of what they can actually do to help you. Divorce lawyers do most of their work when a relationship ends, helping both participants get through the divorce process and create a fresh start. Here are the main tasks that a divorce attorney can do.

file divorce documents

First of all, a divorce attorney can assist you with actually filing the divorce papers with the local court. Some states require that you live separately from your spouse for a short period before you get divorced, and legal separation agreements are needed to start the official process. A divorce lawyer can help you fulfill all the requirements and complete the paperwork.

Negotiate Financial Matters

Good divorce lawyers can also help with financial matters. During a divorce, all common assets must be divided up between the two parties, and finances must be organized and catalogued. In some situations, alimony or child support might also come into play. A lawyer can help negotiate and settle the distribution of financial resources in a way that’s fair to both parties.

Settle Custody Arrangements

Another important role for divorce attorneys is working on custody agreements. If you and your spouse have children, then determining a fair and effective custody arrangement is essential. A divorce lawyer can help you determine what type of custody agreement will be best for your family; they might help you set up a joint, shared, or primary custody arrangement.

Attorneys Represent you in court

Finally, a divorce lawyer can represent you in court, if necessary. If it’s not possible for you and your spouse to decide on a divorce agreement, you’ll have to go to a family court to present your case. A judge will determine how and whether to grant the divorce. If that happens, a qualified lawyer can help guide you through the process and advocate on your behalf. Divorces can be difficult, but with a good divorce attorney, you’ll be able to navigate the process.