1956 - 1960 Tonka Fire Department Chief Badge

1956 - 1960 Tonka Fire Chief Badge
1956 - 1960 Tonka Fire Chief Badge

Because it's rather small, measuring approximately 2 1/4" in height and 1 3/4" wide, the Tonka Fire Chief Badge was easily separated from the fire department sets it was shipped with. Beginning with the model 900-6 Fire Department Set in 1956, the gold tone badge was prominently displayed in the shipping box with the fire trucks and various other emergency vehicles. Fire department sets were available through 1960. Year and model numbers were; 1957 model B-212, 1958 model B-213, 1959 model B-212 and 1960 model B-225.

The badge appears to be stamped (die cut) out of sheet tin. The gold tone was achieved by emersion in either a real gold wash or a chemical bath that resulted in a "gold" look. Between March and May 2014, 4 near mint and 1 very good (hasp broken) badge sold on eBay for between $104 and $182 USD. Badges do not come up for sale often. The outbreak of sales in early 2014 is the result of 1 badge being sold at an opportune time (the only one up for bid at the time), bringing good money (to the tune of $182) and badge owners lurking in the shadows, seeing an opportunity and hoping to ride on the coat-tails of the big dollar sale price.

A near mint badge, almost as clean as the featured badge, sold for $150 on eBay in early August 2014. A mid December 2014 sale on eBay changed the ownership of a badge in very good condition when it sold of $63. Another eBay sale took place in mid January 2015 when a badge missing part of its mounting assembly sold for $104. And yet another badge in near mint condition sold on eBay for $112 in early March 2015.

Another mint badge was bid to $165 on an eBay auction and sold in mid May 2015.

An excellent plus badge, could have used a minor clean & polish, was bid to $72 USD on eBay in late July 2015.

A badge sold on eBay for $118 USD in early December 2015. NOTE: The face of the badge is mint, the back is missing the clip pen.

A mint badge sold on eBay for $193 USD in mid December 2015.

A mint badge sold on eBay for $88 USD in late May 2016.

A mint badge sold on eBay for $148 USD in late May 2016.

A mint badge sold on eBay for $149 USD in late June 2016.

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